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Volcano Coffee Works

An eruption of flavour and great energy, Volcano Coffee Works is a slice of the antipodes in London. This ethical, indie roastery was founded by Kiwi Kurt Stewart in 2010, who had a mission to bring the great tasting coffee he'd grown up with to the UK. Mission accomplished. Volcano Coffee Works live by their motto “give everyone a fair shot”. And they're not just talking about a perfectly extracted espresso — this ethical roastery is all about brewing, serving and roasting great speciality coffee while supporting the livelihoods of the communities who grow and produce it. What started as a humble coffee cart on the streets of West Norwood has bloomed into a state-of-the-art roastery in Brixton with a 30 strong team. Founder Kurt Stewart has been there throughout, ensuring everyone has a great cup whilst ensuring Volcano has a real, positive impact on all the lives it touches.
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