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Boon Boona

Boon Boona coffee are committed to sharing the unique coffee traditions of Africa. Founder and CEO Efrem Fesaha is from an Eritrean family but grew up in Seattle and used his understanding of the two vastly different cultures to make is mark on the coffee industry. After his initial business plan to open an East African coffee shop was rejected by banks, he remained persistent and in 2011 began importing quality green coffee directly from Ethiopia instead. Over the years word spread through the community, then Efrem began receiving requests for roasted beans, so he experimented and the Boon Boona Roastery and Cafe was born.
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Get the Perfect Shot of Bereka by Boon Boona

Choose a video based on the coffee beans and specific Breville espresso machine that you have. Be guided by Sarah, our coffee educator, to dial-in the perfect shot – the foundation of every coffee we love.

barista and espresso machine