Square Mile

Red Brick

Raspberry, Fudge, Blueberry

Espresso | Medium Roast | Blend

Strawberry acidity cuts through this otherwise classic, buttery number from London’s Square Mile, with creamy milk chocolate and nougat sweetness shining through—especially with a dash of milk.

Roaster notes

As seasons and crops change, so do the components of Red Brick. Blending and roasting to profile, we've combined the great fruit qualities of each component, and allowed sweetness to shine.


Square Mile Coffee
Square Mile Right

Established in 2008, Square Mile Coffee Roasters is an integral part of London’s thriving Coffee Culture. With deep expertise, strong relationships across the supply chain and a passion for detail, it’s easy to see why they’re synonymous with UK coffee culture. Square Mile Coffee Roasters is continually testing, tasting and looking for better ways to source and represent coffee. Whether espresso or filter, each coffee is treated individually and roasted to unlock its intrinsic flavour attributes and to highlight its sweetness and structure. Beyond the coffee itself, they're committed to working hard to deepen their relationships across the supply chain and work hard to ensure specialty coffee culture is on the map, both locally and further afield.

Blackhorse, London
Square Mile Right

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