Small Batch

Throwback Espresso

Dark Chocolate, Nutty

Espresso | Darker Roast | Blend

This espresso blend’s name is a nod to the tradition of espresso drinking, whereby folks would stand and throw back their shot of freshly extracted coffee. Similarly, the profile is an ode to simple, traditional blends that offer balance, rich body and fruit. Great to follow the name’s cue and throwback, or to pair with milk.

Roaster notes

Introducing our traditional espresso blend. This one's all dark chocolate, fruit and nut and works really nicely with milk drinks. Enjoy.


Small Batch Coffee
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Small Batch Coffee by name, small batch by nature, this roastery is all about shining a spotlight on the best small scale quality coffee going, each and every time. It’s in their name for a reason—they're committed to roasting and serving the best quality coffee the world has to offer in small batches. In addition to this, their sourcing policy is to always buy speciality grade coffees as directly as possible. This means they work in tandem with specialist importers and producers to create sustainable, long term relationships and they work hard to source the most interesting varieties and processes they can. Once the coffee is in their hands, these self-confessed coffee nerds hand roast everything to order in small batches for optimal freshness. They're also consistently cupping and tasting the coffee’s to ensure that only the very best makes it into your cup.

Portslade, Brighton
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