The Bold

Dark Chocolate, Amaretto

Espresso | Darker Roast | Blend

Roastworks’ signature espresso blend is roasted darker to accentuate body and richness with notes of dark chocolate and amaretto. Pair it with milk to balance the dark side.

Roaster notes

We roasted this blend to celebrate the dark side of espresso blends. Our roasters aim for big body and intense flavours using sweet, high-quality coffees from our partners in Brazil and Guatemala.


Roastworks Coffee logo
Roastworks speciality coffee roaster at work

Inspired by the innovative work of third wave coffee roasters in London, Roastworks Coffee Co. was founded in 2014 by second-generation specialty roasters Will and Caroline Little in Devon. Their goal is to make coffee more accessible to consumers by clearly highlighting the tangible flavours of high-grade coffees imparted by growing region, variety, and processing method. Their focus on developing retail markets has ensured that there are many outlets that you can find their coffee.

Willand, Devon
Roastworks speciality coffee roaster at work

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