Caff ya Later (Decaf)

Chocolate, Caramel

Decaf | Espresso & Drip or Filter | Medium Roast | Single Origin

A Colombian sugarcane decaf brimming with chocolate and caramel flavours. Say "Caff Ya Later" to the jitters and hello to a clean and sweet tasting brew you can enjoy any time you get a coffee craving. As with all Kickback Coffee’s roasts, freshness is key here.

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South America




Roaster notes

This decaf coffee comes from the Huila and Cauca regions of Colombia. The caffeine is extracted from this coffee using a natural by-product found in sugarcane. This has left the beans with clean and sweet tasting notes of chocolate and caramel.


Kickback Coffee
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The folks at Kickback Coffee believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the freshest, most delicious coffee possible. That’s why their focus is squarely on fresh roasts, where all coffee is sold within 2 weeks of roast date. When it comes to their sourcing, Kickback Coffee keep things simple. Do they like it? If the answer is yes, the coffee is on rotation. Of course, they have excellent taste, so anything that hits the roaster and shelf is top top quality coffee. While the whole thing kicked off in 2017 with a popcorn machine, these days they’ve thankfully swapped the popcorn maker for a Giesen W15. This bustling roastery in the heart of the Cheshire Peak District serves some of the UK’s freshest roasted, highest quality and most unique tasting coffee.

Macclesfield, Cheshire
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