Decaf Side of the Edge

Chocolate, Vanilla, Floral

Decaf | Espresso & Drip or Filter | Medium Roast | Blend

A decaf with pleasing complexity, using Mexican Swiss water processed beans, this medium to full roast blend has notes of chocolate, vanilla and lemon. Floral undertones also bloom in the cup, with walnuts, stonefruits and a clean, spiced finish. It’s easy to see why this 99.9% caffeine free blend was the recipient of a Great Taste Award. Brew it up and take off the edge without the edginess!

Roaster notes

Our first decaffeinated blend – proving popular in the Edge Café we decided to make this available for our customers to be able to brew and enjoy at home! A blend of both our single origin decafs, Mexico Mountain Water and our popular Brazilian Swiss Water, our decaf blend is 99.9% caffeine free using processes that are free from any solvents or chemicals.


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With their fresh is best philosophy, Edge Coffee always has flavour front of mind. This West Sussex roastery and tea house has been blending, brewing and roasting since 1981—you can taste the difference their decades of experience and obsession with freshness makes in each and every cup. Edge Coffee, has, well, an edge. They're award winners for one, and fiercely independent for another. Family owned and run, they focus on serving only the top 5% of top grade speciality beans. Whilst coffee quality is key, they also have a firm eye on sustainability—they’ve vowed to NEVER do pods—and bring many decades of experience to the fore in their Sussex Barn/roasting HQ. They serve their unique and delicious coffees next door in their cafe, around the traps at other local businesses and soon to be in your very own home. Invite freshness into your daily routine today.

Ford, Arundel
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