Dark Chocolate, Cashew, Toffee

Espresso | Lighter Roast | Blend

The Assembly Blend is the result of the tireless tweaking and tasting of some of the best baristas and cafe owners in the UK. The resulting brew of their labour is this versatile espresso blend. Great for both milky and black, its rich body and sweet and clean profile make it perfect for your daily grind.

Roaster notes

The Assembly Blend has been created in collaboration with baristas and cafe owners from some of the most esteemed speciality coffee cafes in the UK.


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Assembly coffee roasters are a London-based, independent coffee roastery that drives and promotes innovation throughout the speciality coffee supply chain. They strive to set the leading example for the industry, in roasted coffee quality, innovation in how quality is communicated and redefine how coffee can be sourced to return greater value to farming communities. Not only are they concerned with a high standard of cup quality and using precise roasting methods, they're also seeking to redefine how coffee can be sourced, ensuring greater value for farming communities at origin. On an industry level, they're also committed to a truly collaborative working style – they maintain an open dialogue and respond to the needs of their wholesale cafe community with adaptable packaging, product and insights.

Brixton, London
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