200 Degrees

La Nina De Guatemala

Citrus, Caramel

Espresso & Drip or Filter | Medium Roast | Blend

This blend was crafted with low pressure home brews in mind, so grab your cafetiere, drip filter, Aeropress and stove top pots. Sweet, soft and lemony, it’s 200 degree’s house filter so you know it’s going to be great however you choose to brew your at-home version.

Roaster notes

We created La Nina de Guatemala with home brew in mind: sweet & lemony Guatemalan beans beautifully blended with a soft, caramel body from Brazil.


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200 Degrees Coffee's aim is simple, they want everyone to drink better coffee. They ship only the finest green beans from Rainforest Alliance farms back to the UK where they're roasted at 200°C to give a full bodied, smoother taste, hence the name. 200 Degrees Coffee was founded by Rob and Tom, who met while studying engineering at the University of Nottingham. The pair founded the company in 2012 in response to their frustrations with the standard of coffee and service from suppliers. Fast forward to today and they've built a veritable coffee empire, comprising of over 20 distinct coffee shops and 7 barista schools, all dotted across the midlands and north of England. Take your coffee experience up several degrees with their exceptional beans.

The Meadows, Nottingham
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