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Caramel, Great Body

Espresso & Drip or FilterDarker RoastBlend

Some things don't need to change, much. Diesel embodies our incredible sourcing skills with a darker roast profile. This dark beauty is versatile with all the lovely developed sugar browning flavors in pipe tobacco, bittersweet caramel and fudgy chocolate. Enjoy a mug, a shot or pair it with milk.

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South America

Roaster notes

“Dark roast coffee people, we did not forget you. Introducing Diesel,This blend is heavy-bodied with delicious notes of pipe tobacco, bitter caramel and chocolate.”



It's all in the details for Iconik Coffee Roasters. This roaster buys direct with growers to support communities and jobs at origin and heroes terroir in the cup — each bean's origin details including varietal, soil condition, altitude and harvesting method shine through in the roasting development to our cups.

Santa Fe, NM
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