Black & White, The Classic coffee bag

Black & White

The Classic

Caramel, Stone Fruit, Milk Chocolate

Espresso & Drip or FilterMedium RoastSingle Origin

An everyday coffee for everyday people. This coffee is a great take on the relationship and blend of acidity and full-bodied chocolate notes. Caramel tones pair well with milk and sip sweetly on their own.

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1600 - 2000 ft



South America

Roaster notes

“The Classic, our nod to everyday coffee. This is our take on the relationship between balanced acidity and full-bodied chocolatey flavors. It's a blend of naturally processed offerings brought into one roast profiles and has a fresh fruit finish.”


 Black & White Coffee Roasters

Black & White coffee roasters operate three cafes and a roastery with the aim to provide amazing hospitality to guests and employees while creating a sustainable livelihood for producers and to pursue excellence in all things, especially in coffee quality. Specialized menu's that focus on both the classic blends and on rare, remarkable coffee varietals and processes for a more modern espresso adventure.

Rolesville, NC
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