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Decaf Colombia

Brown Sugar, Toffee, Plum

Espresso & Drip or FilterMedium RoastSingle Origin

The best decaf coffees should invoke a double-take when first tasted, in case the label was misread: How can a decaf be sweet as brown sugar, full of toffee and plummy fruits as if it were a premium Single Origin Colombian lot? Is this a misprint? No! We just live in exciting times, dearest caffeine-avoidant friend.

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Direct Trade



South America




Roaster notes

“We feel like this is the best decaf we've ever found. Green coffee from Tolima is washed with locally-sourced sugar cane distillate, which filters out caffeine while retaining the coffee's original structure and flavor.”


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Airship coffee roasters' story started in 2008 through agricultural work in Central America, which led to importing green coffee from farmers and connecting with roasters nationwide. Curiosity got the best of them, and from there the team fell in love with roasting. Thanks to their experience in sourcing, Airship has been able to build long-standing relationships with folks growing some of the best coffee in the world. Airship currently operate two bustling cafes in Bentonville, Arkansas. There's a neighborhood hangout at the 5th Street coffee bar and a one-of-a-kind, open-air cafe in the woods at their Coler Preserve location. Their ultimate goal is to shift more perspectives around what a coffee experience can be, putting more emphasis on people than product, finding purpose in community building, and making a place where authentic community thrives.

Bentonville, Arkansas
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