Inza, Colombia

Fluttering on the floral side of fruity, reminding you of a pear. This single origin caturra variety is best when brewed gently through a drip or filter method, and its light roast appreciated mindfully through a window. From an exciting producer association in Northern Nariño, Colombia.

Coffee info



1700 - 2000 ft




Roaster notes

"Made up of 130 members in Colombia, the organisations behind these beans work hard to ensure the farmers are always getting the best prices. Processing is done in traditional smallholder fashion — coffee fruit is manually depulped by either hand or rigged with motors. Fermentation then occurs in small concrete or tiled tanks and sometimes plastic buckets, before being washed off in those same tanks. A meticulous attention to detail is put in at every step, and it shines through in the final product.\""


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