Monte Verde

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With flavors of brown sugar, honey, apple and hazlenut, Portola’s Monte Verde sings of the sweetest apple pie. It’s El Salvadorian to its core: big, complex and deeply-aromatic. Just the thing served black in the morning with a flaky pastry in hand.

Roaster notes

Monte Verde is a Washed El Salvador from our friends at Keffa. This coffee has a big body with malic acidity in the finish, giving great depth. What's awesome about Monte Verde is that the team from Keffa has been bringing Ethiopian farming practices to El Salvador, playing a major hand in the final product.


Portola Coffee Roasters
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Portola Coffee Roasters is the brainchild of owner and roastmaster Jeff Duggan and his wife Christa. Founded on the belief that you can get a delicious cup of coffee quickly, they focused on the science behind coffee to make sure each coffee offered is crafted to perfection. Over the years, they've moved from their shop in Costa Mesa to multiple locations around Orange County and Long Beach. Portola Coffee Roasters use some of the highest quality coffee beans from farms in Central and South America and Africa. Dedicated to creating relationships with the farms they partner with, their goal is to bridge the disconnect between farmers and the customers that drink the coffee to make coffee more than just a way to wake up, but an experience that lasts every time.

Costa Mesa, CA
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