Kainamu Kenya

Drip or Filter | Lighter Roast | Single Origin

Kenyan coffee kinda sits in a league of its own: BIG grapefruit and winey flavours dominate the cup, and it's a roaster's mission to wrestle these into a form that's easy for us to brew and enjoy. Luckily, Portola have nailed the task and we're getting a big ol' cup of fruit every morning from our filter brew methods, hot or cold.

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Roaster notes

"All about balance! It's what makes this coffee incredible as a pourover—doesn't matter which method you're using. Smooth and super balanced, it goes down a treat both hot and cold."


Portola Coffee Roasters
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Portola takes the concept of coffee transparency to great lengths, publishing their roasting and trade data on their website for curious customers to read over. They roast sustainably sourced coffees every weekday from their carbon-neutral, solar-powered facility, and live by the motto "Never Settle for Good Enough"

Costa Mesa, CA
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