Cold Brew

Malted Milk, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla

Espresso & Drip or Filter | Medium Roast | Blend

Cold Brew may be a divisive beverage, but those in the know understand how important it is to choose the right roast for this method. Panther's dedicated blend brings out punchy and sweet layers of chocolate and vanilla when brewed without heat. Add cream if you like, or simply enjoy on its own over ice. Steam wand handy, bring it to temp like you might steam your dairy or alternative and enjoy it's Guinness like texture.

Roaster notes

"Our method of making Cold Brew yields a delicious, strong, smooth, chocolate-y beverage that can be served black or with cream."


Panther Plantation

Panther Coffee specializes in sourcing and small-batch roasting high quality, directly traded coffees and in the education of preparing coffee beverages. We help clients identify coffee and equipment needed for their operation and provide training on how to prepare and taste coffee beverages. Our mission is to source, roast, and prepare the finest coffees in the world and create a transaction that is mutually beneficial for all participants. We benefit from long standing relationships with coffee producers throughout the world, and these friends and colleagues not only possess generations of knowledge and passion, but they produce some of the finest lots of coffee available anywhere. Our goal as roasters is to achieve full development and caramelization of the sugars present within the coffee seed without the conversion of these precious caramelized sugars into carbon, which may result in an ashy or smoky taste. Great care is taken to expose the magnificent natural sweetness and the most subtle flavor nuances often lost in the roasting process. In May 2014 Panther Coffee purchased and remodeled a 4k square foot facility, with intent to grow our production capacity, vastly improving the wholesale program.

Miami, FL
Panther Plantation

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