Big Truck

Chocolate, Red Fruit, Cherry

Espresso | Medium Roast | Blend

Big, bold and certified organic. Olympia’s Big Truck is a steamroller espresso at heart—smooth and full-bodied with dark chocolate and deep red fruits. In the cup? We love mellowing it right down, and bringing out hints of caramel with a dash of cream and sugar.

Roaster notes

"We devote constant attention to Big Truck and think it might be the best certified organic espresso blend you can find. Big flavors of dark chocolate and deep red fruits round out this full-bodied, smooth blend."


Olympia Coffee
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Olympia Coffee Roasters humble beginnings started in 2005 as a wholesale coffee roaster living by the philosophy "We exist to improve the quality of life for coffee farmers, for our staff and for our customers". Olympia coffee founders Sam & Oliver believe coffee of today has the potential to be better than at any point in history primarily as a result of better relationships and communication throughout the coffee chain. This allows them to understand and control the variables that contribute to the flavors and overall quality of a coffee.

Olympia, WA
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