Mandarin Orange, Tamarind, Sweet Cream

Espresso & Drip or Filter | Medium Roast | Blend

Smooth and effervescent, Seismic is a lighter roasted blend of coffees that shine with a citrusy radiance. There's also a rumble of caramel, the undercurrent you'd expect from its entirely Latin American origins. Loving this coffee is easy when you are brewing manual with a cone or flat bottom filter brew method and even in an electric drip brewer.

Roaster notes

"These lighter roasted Latin American coffees sparkle with effervescence and lead with notes of caramel and ripe tropical fruit. Each sip packs a burst of palette-popping, sweet-tart brightness. They firmly shake hands with our more audacious coffee-drinkers and give a wink to those looking for a little more adventure."


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Metric coffee roasters are a collection of people, stories and places all centered around coffee. Since day one, their philosophy has been twofold: quality coffee and people over profit. Sourcing from established partners, Metric coffee roasters pay high premiums and publish transparency reports to offer real full-spectrum equity, believing "the future of coffee depends on it". They're inspired by doing good and achieving excellence at every corner. Anything that involves people and coffee — they breathe, live and own it. We'll drink (coffee) to that!

Chicago , IL
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