Ladro Decaf

Roasted Hazelnut, Grapefruit, Dark Chocolate

Decaf | Espresso | Medium Roast | Blend

Ladro have blended a combination of Swiss Water Process decaf origins to achieve a layered and satisfying decaf that still packs plenty of punch. A zippy grapefruit acidity shines a light over classic chocolatey and hazelnut flavors, making it a perfect substitute for its caffeinated cousins.

Roaster notes

To ensure we're roasting a lively and balanced Decaf Blend, we select a variety of Swiss Water Process coffees from different growing regions throughout the year. The medium roast reveals satisfying waves of roasted hazelnut, grapefruit and dark chocolate.


Ladro Roasting
Ladro Roaster Image

Ladro has always valued sustainably and ethically produced coffee, adopting a 'fair trade only' since 2000. Around 2011 they launched Ladro Roasting, which opened up the ability to source green coffee through direct relationships and reach a country-wide customer base.

Seattle, WA
Ladro Roaster Image

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