Onyx Blend

Mandarin Orange, Apricot, Cedar

Drip or Filter | Lighter Roast | Blend

Fun fact: Onyx was named after the street of Klatch’s new roastery. It’s also one of their newer blends. A lighter roast and an ode to new beginnings, if you will. Super balanced with sweet milk chocolate, jammy apricot, mandarin and lightly smokey cedar. When it comes to drinking it’s drip or pour over all the way.

Roaster notes

"We've crafted the blend to feature sweet notes of mandarin orange, apricot, and a cedar finish. The blend, named after the street name of our roastery, is reminiscent of the mystical properties found within the onyx gemstone. An earth element, the Onyx stone is known for promoting inner strength, focused attention, and strong will power... just like a cup of this perfectly balanced coffee!"


Klatch Coffee
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Klatch takes the concept of coffee transparency to great lengths, publishing their roasting and trade data on their website for curious customers to read over. They roast sustainably sourced coffees every weekday from their carbon-neutral, solar-powered facility, and live by the motto "Never Settle for Good Enough"

Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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