Huckleberry Roasters

Sound & Vision

Chocolate, Caramel, Berry

Espresso & Drip or Filter | Medium Roast | Blend

"Sing a little Bowie, sip a little Sound & Vision — rarely a better combo. This is a blend of full-bodied Latin American beans with a touch of natural-processed East African goodness bringing up the rear. Developed on the darker end of medium, you get the boldness of both coffees with a hint of red fruit. Take it straight up as an espresso or brewed in your go to dripper method. Also flirt with a little steamed addition, the coffee will still come through like a soft low harmony."

Coffee info



1300 - 1900 ft



South America




Roaster notes

"Sound & Vision is a full-bodied blend with a Latin American base and touch of natural-processed East African goodness. It's bright and fruity while simultaneously comforting and traditional. Traditional flavors for those who like coffee, darn it cut with cream but still smooth enough to drink on it's own."


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