Round Midnight Regenerative Organic Blend

Marshmallow, Cocoa

Espresso & Drip or Filter | Darker Roast | Blend

Dark and daring, this blend courts your senses with chocolate notes and a marshmallow touch. No fuss coffee, made for easy sipping.

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Direct Trade, Organic, Certified Organic, B Corp

Roaster notes

Regenerative Organic Certification is not just a trendy new term in farming. The use of cover crops, crop rotation and conservation tillage builds organic matter and promotes biodiversity within the soil. Impact at the ground level.


Groundwork Coffee
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30 years on from when they first began, Groundwork opened cafés all along the West Coast, two buzzing roasteries in Los Angeles and Portland, while contributing to the development of new organic coffee farms the world over. A mission we can happily get behind.

North Hollywood, CA
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