Santarossa Blend

Chocolate, Cinnamon

Espresso & Drip or Filter | Darker Roast | Blend

Chocolate and cinnamon spice dominate in this punchy blend, perfect for when you need to kickflip your sleepy morning into something productive. Dune knows how to keep those nasty bitter flavors out of their darker roasts, which is a welcome improvement on some of the more 'traditional' coffees out there! Used to sugar and cream go for it, but it might surprise you straight up with creamy, sweet balance in the cup.

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South America




Roaster notes

"Named for our friend and hometown pro skater Mike Santarossa, this blend is our darkest one. We really bring out those rich dark chocolate and cinnamon flavors without the bitterness that so often accompanies dark roast coffees. A true crowd-pleaser, this coffee tastes right at home on a camping trip as it does on the family coffee maker during holidays."


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After being laid off their jobs in the midst of the late-2000's economic downturn, Julia Mayer and Todd Stewart took the plunge and opened a cafe named 'The French Press' on State St, Santa Barbara. They felt that their community deserved a special place to enjoy delicious coffee, and their optimism and hard work paid off. After a few short years, they were opening more locations and were operating at a scale where they could source and roast their own coffee! By 2016, they reinvented themselves as Dune Coffee Roasters, and remain at the forefront of delicious coffee... even taking out second place at the United States Barista Championship in 2018 and 2020!

Santa Barbara, CA
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