S.O. Blend (Espresso)

Honeycrisp Apple, Caramel, Chocolate

Espresso | Medium Roast | Blend

The S.O. Blend is Coava's pride and joy, featuring seasonally changing origins from all across the coffee world. The result? Coffee that tastes like chocolate covered fruits, honeycrisp apple and dark caramel, roasted far enough to support additions like milk and sugar but still plenty of inherent sweetness left to enjoy as a balanced espresso.

Coffee info



Direct Trade



1200 - 1800 ft

Roaster notes

With a slight roast development change this S.O. blend is ready for espresso. The result of significant effort and years of building long-lasting relationships with coffee producers. It's the kind of cup you want to drink every day: a blend of beautifully balanced, seasonally reflective lots from East Africa and Latin America, roasted to suit the espresso machine. Expect caramel sweetness, chocolate layered with fruit and a crisp acidity.


Coava Coffee Roasters
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Coava Coffee Roasters partners with farmers in undersourced regions learning and working closely to elevate quality and consistency. This has earned Coava and Matt a reputation as a respectful, diligent and honest business to partner with. You know what they say about the west's the best coast. Expanding into Cali, bringing a gorgeous cafe experience and impeccable roast profiles from espresso to drip. Go ahead, change your mind about specialty coffee, they've got one that's just right for you.

Portland, OR
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