Smithbridge Blend

Dark Chocolate, Raspberry, Nougat

Espresso & Drip or Filter | Darker Roast | Blend

This one's a big bodacious cocktail of Central American coffees, roasted to accentuate a bold body that will hold up through milk and espresso preparation methods. At the same time, acidity has been kept intentionally low, to keep your shots running smoother than a dark chocolate lava cake.

Coffee info



1100 - 2000 ft



South America

Roaster notes

This coffee is a post roast blend of dark and medium roasted Central American beans, possessing low acidity and a sweet, full-bodied taste. We get notes of bakers chocolate, nougat and a little soft raspberry undercurrent.


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Creativity, Kindness and Coffee. Say it out loud. It's a little spell that Brandywine coffee roasters like to cast every morning at their roasting and printing operation hidden in Wilmington, Delaware. That's right - these roasters also boast screen printing facilities and are a hub for local art and culture, which go hand-in-hand with great, responsibly sourced coffee. Each hand-printed bag features a custom illustration from local Delaware artist Todd Purse, helping to emphasise that each coffee Brandywine release is a work of art living within another work of art.

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Brandywine Coffee Packaging

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