Bird Rock

The Optimist Blend

Cinnamon, Caramel, Cocoa Nib

Espresso | Darker Roast | Blend

A more traditional espresso named for the famous gathering spot of a group of counter-culture wave riders that Tom Wolfe chronicled in his 1968 book. The spot is right down the road from us on a little beach called Windansea, a classic spot and where Bob Simmons engineered a light fiberglass surfboard that is the standard today. Easy drinking all the way. More accessible -think rich and deep- than the brighter and more intense Monkey Bite espresso featured in our cafe bars. This espresso can be pulled short or relatively long for a chocolatey, clean shot that carries an undertone of complexity. Suggested Recipe: In- 19 grams Out- 28-34 grams Seconds- 25-32

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South America




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A blend sourced from Indonesia, Central & South America


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By 2012, they were crowned the prestigious Micro-Roaster of The Year award by Roast Magazine, honoring their commitment to excellence, sustainability and quality. Nowadays Bird Rock continues to grow their range of sustainable relationships with farming partners at origin, paying fair prices and collaborating on long-term goals together. BRCR's slogan "Empowered by Great Coffee" underpins their motivation and inspiration by the many hands that touch each coffee — from the farm workers at origin to the baristas in your own kitchen.

San Diego, CA
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