Bird Rock

Monkey Bite Espresso

Brown Sugar, Apricot, Butterscotch

Espresso | Medium Roast | Blend

This coffee's rich and sweet like brown sugar, full of butterscotch and dried apricot notes and is probably the only coffee inspired by a monkey attack. It's roasted to excel through the espresso machine and works well with or without a little milk added. (You'll be glad to know that the victim, Chuck, has since made a full recovery.)

Roaster notes

This espresso is a top seller at our cafes, and fun fact: it was name after the harrowing monkey attack our founder Chuck suffered in Kenya. Our seasonal blend is carefully tested to pull a delicious straight espresso, while also kicking goals in milk-based drinks like a cortado. It works as a brewed cup of coffee, too!


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By 2012, they were crowned the prestigious Micro-Roaster of The Year award by Roast Magazine, honoring their commitment to excellence, sustainability and quality. Nowadays Bird Rock continues to grow their range of sustainable relationships with farming partners at origin, paying fair prices and collaborating on long-term goals together. BRCR's slogan "Empowered by Great Coffee" underpins their motivation and inspiration by the many hands that touch each coffee — from the farm workers at origin to the baristas in your own kitchen.

San Diego, CA
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