Bird Rock

Cafe Del Sol

Honey, Clementine, Blackberry

Espresso & Drip or Filter | Lighter Roast | Blend

The Cafe Del Sol Light blend brings together incredible sweetness and dynamic flavors that are sure to be a delight for any coffee drinker. Delight in a fruit forward coffee of berry, clementine and dark honey. This coffee is brew-mood ready so you can start the day with a Chemex or V-60 in the morning and move the grind finer for a post lunch espresso pick me up.

Coffee info



1370 - 1980 ft



Central America

Roaster notes

True to the region, Central American coffees bring both the balance and the complexity to Cafe del Sol. Sweetness for days and a lighter roast profile still allow for a multipurpose blend that sings as an espresso and brings a balanced harmony as a filter/drip coffee.


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By 2012, they were crowned the prestigious Micro-Roaster of The Year award by Roast Magazine, honoring their commitment to excellence, sustainability and quality. Nowadays Bird Rock continues to grow their range of sustainable relationships with farming partners at origin, paying fair prices and collaborating on long-term goals together. BRCR's slogan "Empowered by Great Coffee" underpins their motivation and inspiration by the many hands that touch each coffee — from the farm workers at origin to the baristas in your own kitchen.

San Diego, CA
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