Big Dog Blend

Malt, Dark Chocolate, Honey

Espresso | Darker Roast | Blend

This popular espresso blend features a smooth mouthfeel and notes of malt, dark chocolate, and honey, like biting into a chocolate-covered biscuit. This crowd-pleaser is rich and easy to drink.

Roaster notes

Big Dog Blend has a buttery, sweet vanilla quality to it reminiscent of Arnott’s tasty Monte biscuits. We’re confident that this strong Latin American blend of coffees will please your palate however you prepare it.


Wolff Coffee Roasters Roasting Machinery

Over nearly forty years of being at the forefront of the specialty coffee industry in Australia, Wolff Coffee Roasters has evolved into an international resource of coffee education for professionals as well as a supplier for any start-up roaster in the region. Their pursuit of excellence in all that they do is evident in the craftsmanship of their cafe and coffee, the efficiency of their warehouse and the success of their educational facility.

Brisbane, QLD
Wolff Coffee Roasters Roasting Machinery

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