Almond, Dark Chocolate, Caramel

Espresso | Darker Roast | Blend

Veneziano’s best-selling espresso blend. Full-bodied, creamy, and intense, but with low acidity. Savour notes of almond, caramel, and dark chocolate with or without milk every day, just like their head roaster does.

Roaster notes

We’ve blended our Brazil Serra Negra and Colombia Coocentral with twenty percent of the world’s best Indian robusta, giving it a huge body and bittersweet cocoa notes. We’ve worked with Nishant Gurier for years to develop his award-winning high-grade robusta, and we’re the only roaster he works with in Australia.


Veneziano 20th Anniversary Logo

Building on their two decades of coffee knowledge, Rocky Veneziano and Craig Dickson founded Veneziano to support cafes in their goals to improve everyday lives. Their growing team of passionate and talented professionals work constantly to impact the coffee industry through meaningful change. Veneziano’s goals are neatly wrapped up in their motto: “Make. Achieve. Discover. Evolve.”

Richmond, VIC
Veneziano 20th Anniversary Logo

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