Seven Seeds

Golden Gate Espresso Blend

Chocolate, Nutty

Espresso | Darker Roast | Blend

Designed to contrast with their seasonal espresso blend, Seven Seeds presents a rich and mellow blend that pairs perfectly with milk. Enjoy nutty and chocolate notes in your cup.

Roaster notes

We roast our Golden Gate blend a little longer to really draw out the body and richness of this blend. If you enjoy a bigger body and a richer mouthfeel to your espresso, this one’s for you.


Seven Seeds
Man and woman at seven seeds coffee counter

Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters sets a benchmark for the Australian coffee industry and beyond in their commitment to sustainability, responsibility, and transparency. Their dedication to the longevity of the relationships with the producers they work with allows them to offer the quality and high-value experiences their customers desire.

Fairfield, VIC
Man and woman at seven seeds coffee counter

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