Sweet Science Filter Blend

Lime, Milk Chocolate, Plum

Drip or Filter | Lighter Roast | Blend

Brew the magic of Rumble Coffee Roasters' Sweet Science Filter Blend. This light roast yields a delectable potion of lime, milk chocolate and plum, eloquently swirling in harmony. Savour it with your morning muesli, an afternoon biscuit, or as a cosy nightcap satisfying strict coffee sniffers right down to the last sip.

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Roaster notes

If you love balanced filter coffee, Sweet Science will be a new go-to blend, no matter your filter brewing method. Considered and delicate, Sweet Science is a specialty blend, perfect for all manual filter methods.


Rumble Coffee Roasters
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Rumble Coffee was founded on a desire to shake up the coffee industry, whilst focusing on three core ingredients; roasting the best coffee Melbourne has to offer, establishing ongoing relationships with coffee farmers, and doing so with an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing by the planet and the people on it. Their tight-knit team is united by a common goal of creating a sustainable future for coffee, where everyone in the supply chain is paid fairly, and coffees are sourced with integrity and transparency.

Kensington, VIC
Rumble cafe location shot.

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