Triple 2

Chocolate, Nougat, Berry

Espresso & Drip or Filter | Lighter Roast | Blend

Mellow and easy-drinking, this blend of Colombian and Ethiopian coffees will offer hints of white chocolate, nougat, and berries. Relaxing morning guaranteed.

Roaster notes

Fully washed beans from Colombia’s Planadas municipality add thick and chocolatey flavours to the floral and sweet notes of naturally processed Ethiopian Wolichu beans.


Roastville Coffee Roasters
Roastville roastery operations shot.

Through the journey of roasting their own coffees, to fostering ongoing partnerships with coffee farmers, Roastville has developed a singular objective, ‘source the best beans and do them justice.’ From the mountains of South America, to the plateaus of Ethiopia, the selection of their coffee is of the highest calibre.

Marrickville, NSW
Roastville roastery operations shot.

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