Dark Chocolate, Pecan

Espresso | Darker Roast | Blend

Full bodied, bold and complex. Perfect for cutting through your milk-based coffees. Enjoy notes of rich chocolate, cassis and pecan pie with each sip.

Roaster notes

Designed for milk coffees, its bold and complex flavour profile is perfect for those who appreciate a strong, full-bodied brew.


Mecca specialty coffee roasters
mecca specialty coffee roasters

Mecca was founded in 2005 and immediately set out to answer the big questions that are often asked in the specialty coffee industry. “Who grew this coffee?” “How much did they get paid?” and “Why does this lot taste so different from the last one?” Their pursuit of transparency at the farm level has led them to offer a higher level of service and quality to their customers across Australia. Uncompromising standards from day one is the reason that they have thrived in the specialty coffee industry since.

Alexandria, NSW
mecca specialty coffee roasters

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