A.R.T. Espresso Roast

Dark Chocolate

Espresso | Darker Roast | Blend

A shade darker than medium roast, this blend is full-bodied, chocolatey, and sweet. Brazil and Colombia provide the body and cacao, while Papua New Guinea brings subtle, dried fruit notes. If you like rich and flavourful espresso, this is for you.

Roaster notes

Air roasting allows us to nudge this blend a bit past the Allpress Espresso Blend to soften acidity and coax out richer chocolate notes without pushing flavour over the edge. Heavy body, rich mouthfeel, and chocolatey, you won’t be disappointed.


Allpress Coffee Packaging

Inspired by the Seattle coffee revival of the 1980s and obsessed with flavour, Michael Allpress began the first coffee cart in New Zealand in 1989. Since then, Allpress Espresso has innovated with custom-built hot air roasters to supply over one thousand cafes around the world. Their dedication to their customers is summed up in their motto: “We roast specialty coffee for the best independent cafes in the world. And for your kitchen too.”

Zetland, NSW
Allpress Coffee Packaging

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