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Why leave it to us?

If you think this option is purely for beginners, think again. Discovery Beanz is all about keeping things fresh (minus the heavy lifting). Made for anyone who wants to explore our roasters and try unexpected flavors, while brewing their way from Ethiopia to Indonesia without leaving the house.

Explore and save

This is where you get to experiment a little. Discovery Beanz has been crafted to take you through the whole coffee experience, from different roast levels to single origin, blends and then some. Oh, you’ll also get free shipping, when you subscribe (minimum 2 bags). Tick.

How convenient

When curation services and subscriptions are working like a well-oiled coffee machine, they not only save a whole lot of time, but also make discovery as satisfying as downing an espresso first thing in the morning. Delivered every month (or whenever you choose!) Discovery Beanz will free you up to experiment with - and taste - the perfect final product.