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Oaxaca, Mexico

Subtle chocolates, caramels and honeys may start floating out of your drip or filter brewer before you've even sipped this one, the lighter roast supporting a wave of sweetness. An exciting look at Mexico's growing and massive potential in the world of third wave specialty coffee.

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Best as Black Coffee


Lighter Roast


Chocolate , Caramel & Honey


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Mexico, Oaxaca The deeper we get into the world of Mexican coffee, the more excited we get, and those of you who have tasted the coffees or met some of our producing partners know why. Right now, we’re looking at Pluma, a subregion of Oaxaca that brings with it an incredible history along with incredible coffees. Boasting the singular Pluma Hidalgo variety, an offshoot of Typica, at elevations as high as 2200 masl, Pluma coffees bring with them a wide range of flavors: distinct dried fruit notes like raisin and prune, saturated sweetness like brown sugar, richness like drinking chocolate, complex malic acidity like green apples, and even florals like amber honey and peach blossom.

Typica,Bourbon,Mundo Novo



Sub Region

Sierra Sur, Pluma Municipality Santa Maria Ozolotepec





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