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Inza, Colombia

Fluttering on the floral side of fruity, reminding you of a pear. This single origin caturra variety is best when brewed gently through a drip or filter method, and its light roast appreciated mindfully through a window. From an exciting producer association in Northern Nariño, Colombia.

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FUDAM, a producer association based in the province of La Union in Northern Nariño, was founded in 2000 by The Lasso Family. Beginning with a group of 44, FUDAM now comprises over 130 members working in surrounding areas of San Lorenzo, Taminango,Arboleda, Belén, Cartago, Genova, and most recently Tablón de Gomez. FUDAM, in conjunction with Red Fox Coffee Merchants, works to create incentives for producers to step away from intermediary buyers who purchase the parchment with cash in order to receive a lower price. Processing is done in traditional smallholder fashion — coffee fruit is manually depulped by either hand or rigged with motors. Fermentation then occurs in small concrete or tiled tanks and sometimes plastic buckets and washed in the same tanks. Then dried most commonly with parabolic dryers, though covered patios are found on occasion.
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