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Agaro, Ethiopia

Bright, floral, a clean blackberry finish. This one's on the frutier side of Ethiopian coffee. All good things for those who like to keep it light and fresh. Any guesses on how to drink it? As you'd expect, these kinds of roasts are made to be run through a drip or filter and enjoyed straight up.

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The original Yukro Multipurpose Cooperative, located in Argaro, was established in 1977, the coffee from the Yukro cooperative we know and love today didn't find its way to the market until just ten years ago; after USAID's Technoserve project vest this regions -- once known for less-than-stellar Grade 5 sundried naturals-with brand new processing equipment, allowing their coffee to showcase its unique character and improve the lives of those growing it in the process. The cooperative has a good habit of managing the initial 24-48 hours of this stage under a shaded canopy to protect the soaking-wet parchment protecting the beans once they do move into the sun. Remarkably, not only starting off the season stellar, it actually continues to open up and give even more over time, sometimes peaking in perfection at ten to twelve months off harvest and lasting longer after that.
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