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Southern Weather

Anything goes with Onyx’s Southern Weather. This medium roast is a friendly all-rounder with citrusy floral notes and those dark chocolate flavors we all covet in our morning cup. Drink it straight up as black, or with the milk of your choice. It’ll suit an espresso sorta person, but will also work if you dabble in pour-over or the Aeropress.

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Brew as Espresso


Best as Black Coffee or with Milk


Medium Roast


Citrus , Floral & Dark Chocolate


Roast Days
Monday - Friday

Roaster Notes

Southern Weather is our great house coffee that you know and love. We just changed the name! Creating a blend is like choosing a color palate for a canvas. For us, Southern Weather embodies the wonderful relationships between a citric acidity balance and wonderful, full-bodied chocolates. We serve this every day and find it comfortable, yet surprisingly complex and sophisticated. We brew this with all devices all day long, even as espresso!
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