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Thick winey blueberries, rich dark chocolate, molasses. See where this is going? The Monarch is a little sultry and very sugar dense. During the roasting process, Onyx push those caramelized, syrupy notes even further, making this Ethiopian and Colombian a must for those who like it rich. Perfect served with milk (or mylk). Drip and espresso-friendly.

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Brew as Espresso

Best with Milk or with Cream and Sugar

Darker Roast

Chocolate , Caramel & Blueberries

Roast Days
Monday - Friday

Roaster Notes
Monarch is our most developed roast. We crafted it to marry with fats—especially cream or a lot of milk. As a drip or espresso, it starts very sweet and sugar dense, and when milk is added it develops beautiful, complex brown sugar notes, from Swiss chocolate to cacao. That all depends on the amount of milk you add. Choice is yours!
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