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To create their Geometry blend, Onyx switch up their Ethiopian and Colombian beans every 2-3 months to keep it as fresh and seasonal as possible. Fact: they do this with all the blends they make. The end result reads like a sunny summer afternoon-all blueberry compote, lemon and tea. A little syrupy, extremely clean. Big points for complexity.

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Brew as Espresso

Best as Black Coffee or with Milk

Medium Roast

Fruity & Honey

Roast Days
Monday - Friday

Roaster Notes
It's our answer for everything and has two of our favorite coffees - a washed processed Ethiopian & Colombian. This blend has become one of our favorite coffees. We love it as a filter coffee, and we love it as espresso. And not only does is it taste great as either but it's easy to dial in as espresso or filter.
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