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Morning Sun

Blend | Medium Roast

Morning Sun is Olympia’s darkest roast yet, but you won’t find any smoky flavours here—it's like a warm, chocolatey hug or a caramel summer sunrise. Made with love by organic, family farmers high up in the Colombian Andes. An everyday hit sipped black or with milk.

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Best as Black Coffee | with Milk


Medium Roast


Chocolate , Caramel & Dark Chocolate


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Roaster Notes

Morning Sun is our darkest roast, but you won't find any smoky flavors, just chocolatey and familiar. It's comfortable and reliable, just like a morning sunrise. We use coffees that are grown in the Andes Mountains of Tolima Colombia. Small scale, family farmers, who grow organic coffees contribute to Morning Sun, and with our Fair For All practices these producers are thriving.
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