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Third Coast

Espresso | Blend | Medium Roast

If you love a luscious espresso, you're in for a real treat. Third Coast—a three-bean blend from Ethiopia, Kenya and Rawanda—aims high with rich texture, mixed berries, vibrant acidity and a balanced creamy body. Complex enough to sip (or gulp down) on its own, robust enough to make the most of milk.

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Brew as Espresso


Best as Black Coffee | with Milk


Medium Roast


Citrus , Floral & Lemons


Roast Days
Monday-Thursday, Sunday

Roaster Notes

"Third Coast Espresso blend uses several of our favorite coffees in the course of the year to produce a classic espresso: sweet, flavorful, and complex in its pure form, yet robust enough to support milk drinks. Careful observation throughout the year will yield the joy of tasting subtle, seasonal flavor changes."

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