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Las Serranias (Decaf)

Ethyl Ace-what now? We'll let Madcap do the technical talking down below. All you need to know about this decaf blend is it's creamy, syrupy, deep and earthy, it's medium-roasted for exceptional balance and gives big on dark chocolate complexity. For lovers of milk and black.

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Brew as Espresso

Best as Black Coffee or with Milk

Medium Roast

Chocolate , Caramel & Dark Chocolate

Roast Days

Roaster Notes
"The Las Serranias is decaffeinated using the Natural Ethyl Acetate Method at the Descafecol plant in Manizales. No chemicals here though: this particular ethyl acetate is obtained using fermented sugar cane, complementing the sweetness of the coffee. Rarely will one ever find a decaf coffee as sweet, complex, and enjoyable as this."
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