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WBC Worlds Best Espresso

Espresso | Blend | Medium Roast

Melt-in-your-mouth sweet dark chocolate, orange citrus, berries and a touch of spice. This award-winning espresso gives as big on flavor as it does on balance. Featuring three legendary beans-Brazil Yellow Bourbon, Sumatra Lake Tawar and Ethiopian Natural-Klatch's WBC came out on top back in 2007 out of 45 other competing countries. Black or with milk, it still very much hits the spot.

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Brew as Espresso


Best as Black Coffee | with Milk


Medium Roast


Citrus , Floral & Dark Chocolate


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Roaster Notes

Back in 2007 in Japan, The WBC was named Best Espresso at the World Barista Championship. Over the years, it’s become a classic. When it comes to drinking, you’ll taste initial hints of sweet dark chocolate and orange citrus, which later gives way to a syrupy sweet taste of wine-like berry and spice.

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