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Summer WBC World's Best Espresso

Blend | Medium Roast

This unique, limited Summer time offering brings together a series of different naturals form Burundi and Rwanda for two new, fruit forward espresso blends! Mike Perry's (founder) is at it again using his background in Chemical Engineering to create our summer themed blends. This process of genius is how Klatch created the award winning World’s Best Espresso, in Tokyo Japan for the win! Belle is a 'Lighter Summer Version' Our goal will be more red fruits (think strawberry raspberry cherry or cranberry) and some yellow stone fruits (think peach or apricot) for lighter and fun summer blends. So far we have experimented with our Rwanda and Burundi naturals in Belle and WBC, varying the recipe to create two blends. So join us and have your own Summer fun with these limited offerings. Klatch QC team approved and roasted to order, you can’t go wrong bringing these remarkable beans to the your home coffee bar.

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Best as Black Coffee | with Milk


Medium Roast


Fruity & Cherry


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When Klatch took home the trophy for World’s Best Espresso (WBE) at the WBC in Tokyo, Mike Perry (Founder) proved his chemical engineering background was paying off. Mike and team are at it again bringing a fruit forward twist to the award winning blend with a new selection of natural processed coffee from Burundi and Rwanda. Red Fruit, think Strawberry, raspberry, cherry or cranberry mingled with the yellow fruit flavors of peaches and apricots! Juicy-sweet deep fruit flavors as an espresso, comfort flavors of strawberry shortcake when paired with dairy. Enjoy it hot, cold brewed or even filtered for a clean, berry forward cup.

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