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Belle Espresso

Los Angeles-born Klatch has been bringing in awards and shaping third-wave coffee culture for more than 25 years. If you’re going to start anywhere, try Belle, their highest-rated espresso blend. Drink it black for cedar and flowers or add milk to bring out a boozy chocolate character. Deeply aromatic, medium-bodied, silky smooth.

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Brew as Espresso


Best with Milk


Darker Roast


Chocolate , Caramel & Blackberries


Roast Days
Monday - Friday

Roaster Notes

Belle Espresso is one of our favorite blends—you can achieve great balance with a generous splash of milk. It’s a rich, decadent espresso with notes of blackberry, chocolate, and brandy. Finishes big with a creamy body and sweet finish. See if you can taste the extra hints of orange citrus and spice.
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