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KLLR | Single Origin

Washed Ethiopia

Peachy sweet! Bright and floral like iced tea, even when it's brewed hot. If you love your brewed coffee enchantingly sweet, crystal clear, and served without any additions, this is a single origin worth diving into.

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Best as Black Coffee

Lighter Roast

Citrus , Floral & Peach

Roast Days
Monday - Friday

Roaster Notes
Garuma has been running the Uraga Wet Mill fo the past 4 years and has a reputation for producing great results. Uraga processes’ coffee for roughly 1,500 smallholder farmers in Guji, before fermenting their beans for 40-50 hours before and finally drying them out on raised beds. Shout out to Israel Degfa, the owner of this and numerous other wet mills in Guji for his dedication to raising the level of quality in processing.
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