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Colombia, Finca La Cristalina coffee beans roasted by KLLR

KLLR | Single Origin

Colombia, Finca La Cristalina

Juicy like cranberries and sweet like brown sugar. This is a washed single origin from an exciting family farm in Chinchina, Colombia. KLLR are serious about their sourcing, and suggest drinking this coffee straight-up-think pour-over, cold drip or with your Aeropress-to get the full experience of acidity, balance and sweetness.

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Best as Black Coffee

Lighter Roast

Citrus , Floral & Brown sugar

Roast Days
Monday - Friday

Roaster Notes
The producer of this bean, Luis Jose Valdes, runs the three Valdes family farms - Parana, La Cristalina, and San Pablo - which are highly technified properties with admirable levels of production. Each year portions of the farm are replanted, with biodiversity and the environment front of mind. Something we really get on board with. After the harvest, they wash and de-pulp the fresh beans at their ecological mill, where the pulp is placed in a compost treatment to be converted to organic fertilizer for the coffee trees. It's incredible what they've produced, and it's something we're really proud to be a part of.
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